Bluegrass Equestrian Center riding stable

Our Team

Tammy Boyd


     Tammy Boyd has dedicated her life to the equine industry starting as a young girl trail guiding for Northwestern Stables, moving on to  Northshore Stables, to becoming the top instructor for High Point Equestrian Center. In the interest of furthering her equine education she started working on thoroughbred race tracks. Then wanting to experience the Saddlebred  world worked for Werk Way Stables until she married and started a family. Instead of training professionally starting showing hunters and jumpers of her own then discovered her true passion endurance riding,  the sport of competition trail riding, and is now instructing and training hunter jumpers for  Bluegrass Equestrian Center.


Groom/Assistant Trainer

I’m here to learn the business from the ground up and I’ve found that I’m quite good with the younger horses.


Groom/Farm Maintenance

I’m the guy on the ground, the one behind the scenes, helping keep everything looking good and running smooth.


Groom /Trail Guide

I take great pride in keeping the horses looking their best. I also love riding the trails and meeting new people. My trail rides are safe and fun for everyone.

The Hardest Working Members Of Our Team

I’m the open jumper of the barn and the charmer when I was just a foal on my mare’s side I had an awful accident and lost my left eye and I have learned how to use it for all its worth (I love the attention) I’m the big boy in the barn 17 hands but really I’m just a big baby


I’m the kiddy horse the one all the little ones start with I’m the calm gentle one of the barn and all the girls just love my long flowing mane yeah I’m high maintenance but I’m worth it

 Cookies And Cream
AKA Cookie
I’m the little junior jumper of the barn I can be used for beginners on the flat or over fences I’m a pretty easy ride so students who take their lessons with me can concentrate on their equitation and let me do the rest


I’m the barn baby only four years old but I’m going to be a jumper someday as of now some of the more advanced students use me for flat work but one day I want to go over the big jumps I want to be just like bullet when I grow up