Bluegrass Equestrian Center riding stable

We are a work in progress  

We moved in May 1st and our barn needs a lot of work, but we are working hard to make it a first class center our students and boarders can be proud to be a part of.

We at Bluegrass Equestrian Center pride ourselves on first class family fun this includes a first class barn. We strongly believe in a clean barn, sleek and shiny well groomed horses, safe riding and turnout facilities, quality nutrition, clean and well maintained equipment, and a consistent schedule.

When you combine these together you have a happy horse and rider


Beautiful flat lush green pasture

This is our Center Now (not to scale)



May's Projects

  • Finishing fencing  !!!
  • Building new jumps
  • baling hay

 June's projects 

  • sand for the arena
  • New Back Doors 
  •  clean up and repair of exterior stalls  
we are at a bit of a stand still with our fencing due to the new U.S. 27 project we can't finish until the road department gets their grade work done

This is our Center In The Future (not to scale)